Membit, Inc.

Membit™ is an Augmented Reality storytelling platform. Membit’s patented Human Positioning System allows for markerless Augmented Reality (AR) to be used anytime, anywhere, by anyone.

Its proprietary geolocative technology allows photos, videos, 2D and 3D models, and animation to be placed and viewed in exact locations and/or remotely.

Augmented Reality Consultant & Project Manager


  • Manage the full lifecycle of AR activations, web development and IT.
  • Successfully launched Membit Viewing Room, an AR mobile app for fine art.
  • Producer for: 3D models, geo-mapping, videos, web development, and IT
  • Projects include on-site AR entertainment, AR art shows and AR sales tools.
  • Manage stakeholder relations and develop sales and attraction marketing.

Examples of Work

Steinway & Sons Room View App

Project Manager and Producer for Steinway & Sons’ “Steinway Room View” app, that included a clean user interface where piano buyers and designers can work with sales representatives to preview life-sized piano models and styles in AR, in whichever space they are in the world.

Santa's Workshop AR Activation at Hudson Yards

Project Manager and Producer for Membit’s commercial AR activation for the public, that included two scenes – the North Pole and Santa’s Workshop, with a phone booth for a virtual call with Santa Claus, on location at Hudson Yards.

AR Egg Hunt at Hudson Yards

Project Manager and Producer of Eggventure, an AR Easter egg hunt on location for the public at Hudson Yards – where the Easter Bunny hid 10 eggs throughout the neighborhood, and with the use of a phone, visitors can find all the eggs.

New Hampshire AR Airport Art Show & Ghost Tour

Aery Viewing Room "How To" Video

Produced “How To” video for the Aery app and website.

Aery "How To" Video Storyboard

Produced pre-production storyboard.

AR art show for Sade Shuli & Richard Humann

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